Friday, November 30, 2007

EP elections in Romania

Romanian liberals did not fare as bad as I expected them to. Exit polls had them third, at over 15%. It was 13, 44, in the end. From Italy, I could only see that they had no online campaign whatsoever. Their website is ugly, obsolete and is not updated.
My sister in Bucharest tells me they were present in the student campuses, but that their young candidates seemed both unconvincing and patronizing (I think she was talking about Iulia Huiu - she did not make it, in the end).
Nevertheless, their no. 1 and 2 candidates, Renate Weber and Daniel Dăianu are a proof that Liberals come always the closest to doing the right thing in Romanian politics. While I have no doubts about Ms. Weber, I hope that Mr. Dăianu will be an active MP.

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