Tuesday, January 20, 2009


They say yesterday was Blue Monday - January 19th - the most depressing day of this year. Could be. Still, towards its end there was a big, golden, incredibly sweet and juicy pear. Offered to me carefully peeled. I was dared to write about it on my blog, in exchange.
Which I am doing now, also because it is the perfect excuse for mentioning one of the most poetic things that I have ever encountered online: the pdf of a patent application for a new pear called Ambrosia.

I imagine not many of us happened to have ever seen such a document. Here it is, in all its splendor - a one-page, precise description of something created by a wonderful horticulturist and scholar: "Picking date in Lafayette, Ind., is mid-August, which is earlier than ‘Bartlett’. When ripened at room temperature the flavor is rich and delicious. The texture is buttery and grit free with a very small core" - a fruit like the one that left its juice on the fingers of my lover, to end the Blue Monday.

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