Sunday, May 17, 2009

Montek Singh Ahluwalia

I fantasize about him being our Finance Minister. If you have 2 minutes, watch it and note in awe how, when telling what is and what is not to be done in 2009, he is at complete odds with the words or actions of our own dreadful ___ government (I mean the Romanian one, but am sure many can fill in the blank with their own country's). He has a few words on borrowing from the IMF, as well.

"Ahluwalia's official title only hints at his influence: as the government's chief policy adviser, Ahluwalia is instrumental in charting India's way ahead. The Oxford-educated economist spent 11 years with the World Bank in Washington before returning to Indian in 1979 to work as an economic adviser to the government, a task he continues today. Ahluwalia's fingerprints can be found in policies from economics to education reform, and he has been a driving force in the liberalization program of the past 16 years. You may not have heard of him but today's India owes a lot to his thinking." (

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