Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Design for Effective Campaigning

"The campaign typography demonstrates similar thought and restraint featuring, as it does, the controlled but elegant, all-American Gotham typeface. Typography, the way in which typefaces are selected and used, has phenomenal power of influence over any written communication. If ill-considered as in, say, the average word processing document, it can hinder a message. If well thought out it can add significant weight to the written word, supporting its meaning through countless small details that communicate subliminally but are ultimately effective. Sender LLC, Obama’s branding consultancy, know this. The well-chosen Gotham reflects the candidate’s values through its physical attributes and pedigree, an effect only heightened by the refined and staggeringly consistent way it has been applied to all campaign materials, even to the placards held by supporters at his rallies. The suitability of the typeface is even more remarkable when the hundreds of similar typefaces are considered, the overwhelming majority of which have their origins in 1940s old Europe. Stephen Heller, a respected graphic design commentator, has noted that the consistency of brand message achieved by the Obama campaign has rarely been seen in commercial enterprise, let alone in the far less design savvy world of political campaigning." Katherine Hepworth - Yes we can: Barack Obama, graphic design and liberal democratic process

Hepworth notes how even event tickets are in the same beautiful typography. Highly readable as well.

Attn. embattled and communication-challenged Romanian PNL: they used digital brand consultancy Sender LLC. You might consider contacting them.


danut10 said...

Should I post my comment in English? Hopefully not. Being the only one visitor ....

Deci, Obama n-a castigat numai din cauza campaniei, ci in primul rand datorita prestatiei execrabile a lui Bush. Si nici romanii nu sunt la fel ca americanii. Parerea mea.

Claudia Muresan said...

@ danut10: the only _commenting_ visitor, for this post, at least :). Eu doar semnalam un aspect al problemei. Nu cred ca spun ca ar fi cistigat _numai_ din cauza asta. Oricum, nu mi se pare un aspect neimportant. Nice talking to you :).

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