Wednesday, July 1, 2009

After Jukebox Model, Jukebox...Godmother

One day an interaction design professor asked me about possible name for new types of jukeboxes that his brilliant students are thinking of. And me, I came up instantly with a name...TONOMAT. I hope Romanians are smiling this very moment.
And for someone, somewhere else, tonomat has become once more a little opening to universe of positive connotations and pleasant expectations.


Liviu said...

Nice try, but 'tonomat' is actually a german word (Tonomat), so what you were suggesting was replacing an English word by a German one. You should be completely ignorant (in etymological terms, needless to say) to buy such an 'innovation' :)

Claudia Muresan said...

I was just telling a story. Nowhere do I say I invented the word. Being the godmother of John does not mean one has to have invented the name :).

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