Saturday, January 9, 2010

Turkish Foreign Policy

While on holiday in Istanbul, I used to read the Turkish press in English provided at the hotel. On the very first days of 2010, the Turkish Prime Minister was talking to Brazil for drilling in the Black Sea, the minister for the economy was in Turkmenistan and the trade minister was in Libya. There were editorials about the long-term Turkish foreign policy goals (up to 2020).
Moreover, today I read this online:

Foreign Minister in Mardin to evaluate Ambassadors' Conference

"Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoğlu is in Mardin for a meeting to evaluate the Second Ambassadors' Conference.

The meeting will take place over the next two days to evaluate the Ambassadors' Conference themed "Democracy, Security and Stability: Foreign Policy Outlook for 2010", which began on Monday in Ankara with the participation of nearly 200 Turkish ambassadors from all over the world and eight Cabinet ministers."

Meanwhile, I wish I heard anything about the 'mind', language and 'methods' of those who are supposed to do the same - i.e. move, come up with a foreign policy and try to implement it in an efficient and coordinated way - in Romania. Wishful thinking.


Lilick said...

Claudia, ai o leapsa. :)

Claudia Muresan said...

Lil, raspund cit pot de repede. Multe de spus si ca overpaid mandarin (merci, Andrei Badin!) ce ma aflu trebuie sa astept sa se termine programul ca sa pot scrie pe indelete.

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